Untitled (Invisible Identities)

An Exhibit of Artists Employed at the CAC

UNTITLED (Invisible Identities) is an exhibition and abolitionist call to action challenging institutional practices of exclusion, invisibility, and extraction within the arts. Featuring the spellbinding work of twelve visual artists employed at the Contemporary Arts Center, UNTITLED (Invisible Identities) brings attention to the ways artists working at art institutions are rarely offered opportunities to exhibit their work or expand their artistic practice. The entrenched biases and conventional policies of art institutions often limit exhibition and professional development opportunities of artists working at museums and galleries due in part to the positions they occupy as gallery assistants, museum guards, front desk receptionists, art preparators, or patron services staff. Often pigeonholed into preparatory work for other artists, while their own artistic practices are seldom recognized by the very institutions that they work in, UNTITLED (Invisible Identities) offers a disruption of such policies and practices. Led and curated by Patron and Visitors Services Manager DiQuan Forcell, UNTITLED (Invisible Identities) showcases thirty-three works of art across a variety of mediums, including drawings, paintings, sculpture, mixed media collage, photography, sound, and installation. Moving beyond the roles of gallery assistants, museum guards, front desk receptionists, art preparators, or patron services staff, artists in UNTITLED (Invisible Identities) invites the public to engage with their artistic practices apart from the complex identities and hierarchical structures of museums and other art institutions.

Alice Lapeyre

Alissa Pivaral

DiQuan Forcell

Emily Brannan

Irvin Washington Jr.

Jaime Bird

Jas Rogers

Joshua Casimier

Marco Saah

Mia Bailey

Myron Solomon Jr.

Renee Royale


On View
Saturday Aug 5 – Sunday Oct 8, 2023
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This show is made possible by the hard working staff of the CAC. We thank them for their dedication.

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