Robust Moribund & the Charnel House

by Basqo Bim

Robust Moribund & the Charnel House is Basqo Bim’s first solo museum exhibition. Rich with expression, emotion, and suggested connection, Bim’s handmade masks act as windows into fantastic worlds.

New Orleans-based artist Basqo Bim assembles found objects into mixed-media sculptures imparting distinct personalities. Between jewel-toothed smiles, orange grimaces, and haughty tassel mustaches, observers are invited to interpret the relationship between the characters peering back at them. Whether appearing to you as brothers, foes, or bandmates, these entities offer a passage through which we can confront and embrace the myriad facets of our being.

“Robust Moribund” is the giant guardian welcoming all who approach his hall. His paradoxical name and looming countenance remind us of the inescapable contrasts that make up our world. Each mask, a marriage between the discarded and desirable, invites consideration of the choices we can make in our own transformational life journeys.

Do you see strength or fear? Triumph or defeat? Joy or regret?

As you make your way past the masks, read their stories and choose for yourself.

On View
Saturday Apr 6 – Tuesday Jul 9, 2024
Photo Romero Romero
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