Friday, September 17, 2021 -
12:00pm to 3:00pm


Tickets & Registration

Admission is free and open to health care workers and the general public, with RSVP required. Proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test is required for entry into the CAC.


Supported by

The Gris Gris Lab, An Afrofuturist Apothecary, presents an acute trauma healing laboratory in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Led by local healer and creative Gia M. Hamilton, the workshop will feature local healing practitioners who will offer a variety of healing services by donation including acupuncture, reiki, herbalism, massage, meditation, yoga, and more. 

Proof of vaccine or negative COVID test is required for entry. Masks are required. Attendees must bring their own towel or yoga mat, out of COVID-19 health considerations.


This event part of a series of healing-centered programs associated with the CAC's 2021 Gulf South open call exhibition "Behind Every Beautiful Thing: Encountering Bodies, Wrestling the Human Condition," on view through September 26, 2021. Learn more

About the Exhibition

"Behind Every Beautiful Thing: Encountering Bodies, Wrestling the Human Condition" offers a deeply personal portrayal of artists’ experiences with health and illness, and the reverberating impact on the life, body, and psyche of the individual and their community.

Learn more

About the Gris Gris Lab

Created by “Gris Gris Mama” Gia M. Hamilton and located inside the CAC's Oval Gallery, the Gris Gris lab is an Afrofuturist Apothecary designed to ground, shift energy, and prepare the viewer to enter the portal and the exhibition. Activations will take place in this space throughout the summer of 2021.

Gia M. Hamilton

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