Rick Shopfner, (BFA, MSW, MFA) digital media artist, uses photographs and the powerful algorithms of his computer to create images Coming to New Orleans in 1977 to attend Tulane, Rick exhibited his work in the 1980s through the coop Optima Studio as well as commercial galleries before moving to Austin to pursue graduate work in art in 1985. While on the faculty at UT, Rick became intrigued with digital tools - and later worked in graphic communications using these tools for several state agencies in Texas, including the Texas State Legislature. Working in state government, he became acutely aware of many barriers to equality, often created by those in power. His views about social injustice, civil rights, and our current states of affairs are reflected in his work. Since leaving Austin in 2012, Rick has created and shown works in Tuscaloosa, New Orleans, and Tallahassee. He received the Tuscaloosa Arts Council Award of Excellence in 2016, currently has several works on display in the new Crescent Care Building in New Orleans, and has shown work reflecting social situations regularly at Council on Creative Arts, the Le Moyne Arts Center and Leon County Commissioners office in Tallahassee.

Saturday, July 31, 2021 to Sunday, September 26, 2021