December 12, 2019

Ted Loos, The New York Times (November 20, 2019)

"BALTIMORE — Few artists have had more museum exposure in the past couple of years than Mickalene Thomas, a prolific maker in several media. In 2018 alone, her name was in the title of at least four different shows, and since then her work has been included in many other exhibitions across the country. But it wasn’t always thus.

The New York-based Ms. Thomas, now 48, rocketed to art-world fame in 2012 with a show at the now-named Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and the Brooklyn Museum, “Mickalene Thomas: Origin of the Universe.” Her rhinestone-encrusted, collage-style paintings of black women in domestic spaces were praised, noticed, talked about — but the exhibition, for all its attention, didn’t travel after Brooklyn.

... Museums finally seem to be ready. “Now, they’re knocking,” she said, allowing a smile to cross her face. In addition to Baltimore, she has an installation at the Bass in Miami Beach, debuting Dec. 1; and a show open now at the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans."

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