Lauren Trout (she/them) is a queer, native-southerner, Restorative Justice practitioner, facilitator, trainer, speaker, and consultant. Trout uses restorative theory as a tool for people, communities, and institutions to shift  their paradigms of justice and embed restorative justice values, tenets, and guiding principles into their organizational culture and larger systems and infrastructure. 

Trout has worked with schools/school systems, juvenile justice agencies, criminal justice systems, collectives and mutual aid groups, and businesses around the country. They have spoken and served as a consultant about Restorative Justice on local and national levels and most recently served as the Restorative Justice Program Director in the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office. They currently work for WestEd, a national consulting agency that works with local, state, and federal education and justice systems around equity, research, and policy. They are also a co-founder and board member of the Conflict Resolution Institute of Louisiana, an up and coming organization comprised of local RJ practitioners and mediators working to provide quality, free, and fair conflict resolution services for Louisiana citizens.