Vida in New Orleans: Art, Culture, & Politics for our Latin Community

Vida in New Orleans: Art, Culture, & Politics for our Latin Community

Saturday Apr 20, 2019
2:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Presented by ArteFuturo Productions in partnership with the Contemporary Arts Center and partial support from the Foundation for Louisiana, Vida in New Orleans is a cultural arts platform for Latin American artists, writers, and community activists to tell their stories and drive their own narratives.

On Saturday, April 20 from 2 to 4:30 pm, Vida in New Orleans will celebrate Latin American poets and musicians. The day will feature a musical performances by José Fermin and Ceballos Roberto Carrillo, a performance by artist José Torres-Tama, and poetry readings by Linett Luna Tovar, Melinda Palacio, and Vida writers Yulene Velaques and Marlon Torres.

About the Artists

Immigration and border issues will be the overall theme, and José Fermin Ceballos, a celebrated musician and published poet, will perform his musical ballads on the plight of immigrants and the intrinsic humanity of people in search of a dream. Roberto Carrillo will perform his original songs on the children jailed at the border.

Linett Luna Tovar, poet and scholar working on her Masters, will perform bilingual works on undocumented women and their struggles. Melinda Palacio, award-winning poet, will perform pieces from her book How Fire I a Story, Waiting.

Yulene Vleazquez, writer, educator, and singer, will offer a piece from the current
Venezuelan crisis from the perspective of a Venezuelan artist forced into exile. Marlon
, activist and SPLC organizer, will offer his piece on being the son of Mexican

Performance Artist José Torres-Tama will perform from a new piece in progress titled
United States of Amnesia, which just received a development award from Alternate
ROOTS in Atlanta, and excerpts of his award-winning solo Aliens, Immigrants, & Other Evildoers, fresh from a sold-out Houston performance.

This event is free and open to the public with a suggested $5 contribution. Learn more at

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