Multidisciplinary Arts Curator

The Multidisciplinary Arts Curator of the Contemporary Arts Center supports the CAC’s mission through the curation of performing and visual arts programming. Emphasis is on the development and presentation of new work with groundbreaking artists that resonate locally and nationally. The Multidisciplinary Arts Curator co-leads the Program Department with the Program Director to create a comprehensive multidisciplinary program, contextualize artistic experimentation, and thoughtfully engage artists, the public, and partners at large with social, civic, and cross-sector issues. The CAC is seeking this person to be a vital part of our team, someone who is communicative, collaborative, and imaginative; who values the presentation and contextualization of groundbreaking work; who is excited to develop opportunities for artists, to incubate new work, and generate equitable, diverse, and critical spaces where artists can be in dialogue with the broader civic and social spheres; and who is ready to freely and courageously vision a Multidisciplinary future for the Center.

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