Visual Artists Residencies 2023

Jacob Reptile: "Stay Clear of Ditches"

Fiber-based artist Jacob Reptile’s immersive installations, “Stay Clear of Ditches,” visualize the tension between the natural environment and industrial infrastructure. “Stay Clear of Ditches” is an innovative call to action using recycled fabrics, discarded materials, and found objects. Showcasing a range of ecosystems of living plants found at the shoreline, water surfaces, and the often overlooked ‘ditch,’ serving as a metaphor for disposability and avoidance, Reptile transforms the ‘ditch’ into an oasis, illustrating the beauty and complexity of nature in the human landscape.

“Stay Clear of Ditches” invites us to question our relationship with the environment and encourages us to examine our carbon footprint, consider how we contribute to industrial waste, and recycle the unwanted and discarded.

Instagram: @JacobReptile


Denna Ameen: Peeking Through the Gates: A Fabric Exploration of Hidden New Orleans

Denna Ameen’s exhibition Peeking Through the Gates: A Fabric Exploration of Hidden New Orleans depicts the secluded courtyards and garden enclosures of historic French Quarter homes and colonial architectural concealment designs.

Peeking Through the Gates captures the essence of these remote landscapes, framing them within traditional New Orleans architectural vignettes, featuring a stunning collection of fabric-based courtyard collages made of embroidered lace, cotton, tapestry, sequined tulle, and related textiles. The installations’ facades that obscure the courtyards are prominently displayed in front of the fabric collages, encouraging the viewer to peer through the fence slats, iron gates, and alleyways to witness these hidden spaces.

Ameen's commitment to repurposing and recycling textiles and scrap wood adds a unique and thought-provoking layer of depth to the exhibition, highlighting the importance of sustainability in art and design.

Instagram: @independentwoman1776


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Residencies are made possible through the generosity of the Greater New Orleans Impact Fund; the Welch Fund; the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, and the RosaMary Foundation.

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