Tsunami Dance Company, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2002, is a New Orleans-based modern dance company incorporating athletic, innovative movement with a dynamic, contemporary style in its original works. Tsunami endeavors to be a high-quality modern dance company for the city of New Orleans by offering regular performances of insightful choreography, skilled dancing, and collaborations with artists of other genres. Our mission is to provide quality dance experiences as a means of enriching the New Orleans community through:

  • Providing economic empowerment to dance artists through employment as performers, choreographers and teachers
  • Raising awareness and access to the cultural arts through modern dance

Yearly programming includes self-produced company concerts, performances in community arts events and national dance festivals, guest artist residencies, and community master classes. Over the past ten years Tsunami Dance has presented the choreography of Kettye Voltz, John Allen, Nicole Boyd-Buckels, Michaela Cannon, Diogo De Lima, Jeffery Gunshol, Erin Healan, Scott Heron, Maritza Mercado-Narcisse, Anna Morris, and Tierney St John. Collaborators have included local musicians The Quaalords, Morella and the Wheels Of If and visual and media artists Denny Juge, Jeff Louviere, Vanessa Brown, Ryan Dufrene, and Andrew Wade Smith.

The 2013 company members include John Allen, Cristine Barona, Mary Glackmeyer, Frances Gremillion, Eric Thielman and Kettye Voltz with guest artists Donna Crump, Anna Schwab, Anne Tangi, Diogo De Lima, Brianna Nowlin, and Marion Spencer, and Apprentices Natalie Gotter and Nikki Kleinberger. Collaborating artists include Louviere + Vanessa and musician Eric Laws.