Sara Madandar

Sara Madandar is a U.S. based artist from Iran. She received an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA in painting from Art and Architecture Azad University of Tehran. She currently works in painting, sculpture, video and performance. Madandar’s work is often about the relationship of humans to their bodies and covers. Her most recent accolade was an award from the Texas Visual Artists Association (TVAA) in their 2016 exhibition in Dallas. She has also won a 2015 award—curated by Jessica Beck of the Andy Warhol museum—from the Southeastern College Art Conference. Madandar’s work has been featured in three solo shows in Austin, Texas, at venues such as Co-Lab, Mom Gallery, and Courtyard Gallery. Her work was also exhibited at Austin City Hall as part of the 2016 People’s Gallery.

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