Julie Morel’s interdisciplinary work often references the history of Conceptual art and tend toward textuality—text in its written and visual form. Fueled by the need to question our relationship to language, the artist’s drawings, installations, online projects, editions and performances explore various written fields, including literature, storytelling, translation, computer coding, and meta-language. Morel dedicates part of her time to fieldwork research with other disciplines (sociology, science), which often leads to collaborative projects such as Clipperton Island scientific mission in the Pacific Ocean and Rheum Nobile residency in Nepal. She organizes exhibitions and events on artists’ books, collaborative art, and environmental causes. She regularly exhibits her work in both institutions and alternative spaces, including the Centre Pompidou, Glasgow Sculpture Studio, Neuchâtel Art Center, White Space Zürich, Basekamp Gallery Philadelphia, and The Hawn Gallery - SMU Dallas. Morel has been a recipient at the Villa Médicis Hors les murs (New York/Chicago), and has taught at the National Fine Art School (Paris), EESAB (Brittany, France) and UQAM (Montreal). She has also been invited to present her work and conduct workshops at the University of South Florida, the Political Science School (Paris), and The New School (Paris). She lives between New Orleans and Montreal (Canada).

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