Carolina Aranibar-Fernández

Carolina Aranibar Fernández

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, 1990
Lives and works in Phoenix, AZ

Carolina Aranibar-Fernández is a Bolivian-born multi-media artist. Her artistic practice fuses video installation and oral storytelling with fiber and craft techniques. Her work traces flows of capital – cartography, maritime trade, cash crops and industrial metals – across bodies-of-water from the perspectives of the native, gendered and racialized bodies that move it. She re-embodies capital exposing how contemporary markets insidiously hide historical oppression. Imperialism to colonialism, and now capitalism. Her installations are minted, projected, gilded, cast, woven, beaded, filmed, stepped-on and crushed, but always spoken-for and register at various levels of action and passivity, and visibility and representation.


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