Caitlin Ezell Waugh is a sculptor, preserver, historical restoration artist based in New Orleans. Her work is ceremonial and serves to listen and to tell stories. Through treatment of metal, glass, light, plant material and found objects she explores decay, vulnerability, growth and time. Waugh has recently focused on sculptural mirror forms and the development of a technique she calls ‘enverre’ to kiln- fuse plants between glass, fossilizing them time. She uses enverre to document her ongoing research of abortifacients and to create architectural and ceremonial forms using plants that hold specific meaning for people. Waugh earned her BA from Hampshire College using sculpture and literary journalism to document her field research on healthcare accessibility in Venezuela in 2004-2005. After an apprenticeship with a master glazier Waugh began her one woman sculpture and glass restoration business, Paraph, in 2006. In her craft and as an instructor she strives to rejuvenate the art of stained glass through inventive use of traditional techniques. Waugh has shown in many group gallery shows, collaborated in immersive art ‘events’ and created hundreds of works for private collections. As curator and a primary resident artist she co-created the art space Potence Collective in 2017.

Saturday, July 31, 2021 to Sunday, September 26, 2021