Neil A. Barclay, Director and CEO

Andrea Andersson, The Helis Foundation Chief Curator of Visual Arts

Hasan Aquil, Associate Director of External Affairs

Lindsay Barfield, Exhibitions Manager and Chief Preparator

Maya Chakravarti, Education and Public Programs Manager

Noni Clemens, Individual Giving Manager

Nelly Cotton, Financial Services Associate

Jennifer Francino, Visual Arts Manager

Michele Frentzos, Senior Manager, Financial Services

Joel Jackson, Manager of Rentals and Hospitality Services

Lisa Kirwin, Hospitality and Building Operations Manager

Beth Lavin, Associate Director of Development

Émilie Lamy, External Affairs Manager 

Jo Nazro, Resident Technical Director

Summer Mead, Frontline Supervisor

Shelley Middleberg, Associate Director of Rentals and Hospitality Services

Courtney Mouton, Finance Associate

Sam Oliver, Manager of Executive Affairs and Capital Projects

Christopher Staudinger, Patron Services Coordinator

Nanette Saucier, Associate Director of Finance and Human Resources

Mariana Sheppard, Associate Director of Education and Public Programs

Rosalie Smith, Institutional Giving Manager

Laurie Uprichard, Senior Curator of Performing Arts