Past Shows

Lunch and Learn at The Shop: Floating & Fixed with Stephanie Sherman

January 6, 2020
Floating & Fixed , co-presented by the Contemporary Arts Center and The Shop at the CAC, traces a history of platform design from motorcar to mobile phone, exploring Henry Ford as a platform designer and crucial precursor to contemporary platform ecosystems. Stephanie Sherman, a design researcher, curator, and strategist working across, art, architecture, technology, and media, will lead this discussion The Fordian automotive epoch marked a critical turning point for platform logics. Ford combined coordinated planning and emergent response through mass assembly production and global logistics. At the same time, his vision mobilized redistributive economics, media, and culture. In the process of motorcar proliferation, Ford reorganized planetary spacetime. Is this why radical architect and systems designer Buckminster Fuller called Henry Ford an artist of the assembly line? What can Fordian futurisms show us about how to adapt platforms today? Through lesser known stories of Fordian automotive sagas, we’ll explore the social and technological potential of automated mobility platforms to come. About Stephanie Sherman Stephanie Sherman is a design researcher, curator, and strategist working across art, architecture, technology, and media. She is the co-founder of Elsewhere (a living museum from a former thrift store), Common Field (an international network of artist organizations), and (a nomadic multilingual online radio station). Stephanie currently works with the Center for Design and Geopolitics and the The Design Lab at UC San Diego. Her Phd project, AUTO: A Platform Parable, explores the functions of fiction in redesigning platform mobilties. Born in New Orleans and based in London, she travels incessantly in search of the deeply rational and hyper-ridiculous.

Pulp Fictions

New Orleans-based artist Dan Tague, well known for his political folded dollar bill photographs, brings Pulp Fictions to the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), New Orleans.

Pulp Fictions features new works by a group of artists, long-identified with New Orleans, who work with paper in their studio practice. In collaboration with ... Read more

Family Workshop in Photographic Portraiture with Gus Bennett & Jennifer Zdon

Prospect.3: Notes for Now
November 15, 2014
In partnership with PhotoNOLA, this fall the CAC will offer a family workshop that draws inspiration from photographers featured in Prospect.3 . This event begins with a guided tour of the P.3 exhibition and is followed by a hands-on workshop about the art of photographic portraiture. The workshop will be led by local photographers Gus Bennett and Jennifer Zdon. Family members will learn camera techniques, studio lighting, composition, and posing in different settings culminating in a shared learning experience that will produce lifelong family keepsakes. Families are required to bring their personal cameras, props, and/or family memorabilia. Gus Bennett Gus Bennett has been a professional photographer for more than three decades. In that time, he has worked in the United States, the Republic of Kenya, the East African country of Dar-es Salam, Tanzania, Belgium and Mexico. He is a highly sought after fine art, fashion and entertainment photographer. Gus's work has appeared on the cover of ESSENCE magazine, and in the pages of numerous magazines like Ebony, Jet, UPSCALE, and TRIBE magazine of New Orleans. He has had work featured on the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority Bus line in ad campaigns urging an end to domestic violence among women and children. Most recently, his portraits of African American women, was used on the official poster 'TRUE ROOTS" A Cultural Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase and the impact of the Haitian Revolution on the Louisiana Purchase Bennett’s personal project includes “Speaking Walls” ...a visual narrative of the individuals and communities that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. "Patty Cake" ...A project that celebrates the beauty of magic of little black girls. "Saints and Sinners" ...A visual observation about black spiritual identity....and "Rooms in My Mother's House" ...a project that explores the beauty and sanctity of the nude...

30 Americans

Exhibition at the CAC made possible by The Helis Foundation. Organized by the Rubell Family Collection, Miami.

30 Americans showcases works by many of the most important African American artists of the last three decades. This provocative exhibition focuses on issues of racial, sexual, and historical identity in contemporary culture while exploring the powerful influence of artistic legacy and community across generations.

30 Americans is drawn from the ... Read more

Edward Burtynsky | Water

NOMA►CAC is proud to present Edward Burtynsky | Water, the world premiere of the latest body of work by internationally renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky. This second initiative of the ongoing NOMA►CAC programming partnership includes over 60 large-scale color photographs (ten at NOMA and 50 at the CAC) that form a global portrait ... Read more