Past Shows

Rashaad Newsome: Mélange Exhibition

New Orleans-born artist Rashaad Newsome returns for this interdisciplinary presentation of Mélange, figuring a series of films and works on paper in conversation with Newsome's upcoming performance of FIVE

Together, this interdisciplinary presentation of genre-bending works frames Newsome's live performance and studio practice through the history of collage. Using layered constructions of formal
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Dread Scott: A Man Was Lynched By Police Yesterday

November 5, 2016 to December 4, 2016
Following presentations at Jack Shainman Gallery , Moberg Gallery , African American Museum in Philadelphia , Rush Arts Philadelphia , and Rhoades College . The Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans has chosen to fly Dread Scott's flag, entitled A Man Was Lynched By Police Yesterday, as an acknowledgement of lives being taken in our communities, as an invitation to a public dialogue, and as a sign of hope that history can be articulated, transcended, and put in the service of education and healing. "In 2015, Walter Scott fled for his life, stalked by a policeman who then cold bloodedly shot him in the back. We all saw the video and in response to this murder I made the artwork, A Man Was Lynched by Police Yesterday . This simple banner, printed with the eponymous words, is an update of an iconic flag that the NAACP flew from their national headquarters window in New York in the nineteen-twenties and thirties the day after someone was lynched. It read simply: A Man Was Lynched Yesterday and was part of their anti-lynching campaign—a national effort to end that scourge." —Dread Scott, 2016

Fall Members-Only Exhibition Tour

"A Building With A View": Experiments in Anarchitecture
September 21, 2016
NEW THIS SEASON! Get an exclusive look at “A Building With A View”: Experiments in Anarchitecture in a members-only tour led by Andrea Andersson, The Helis Foundation Chief Curator of Visual Arts at the CAC. Our first exhibition of the 40th Anniversary Season, “A Building With A View” features the work of regional artists, including founding members of the CAC. The tour includes a performance of Bucket Time by Avery Lawrence, one of the artists selected for the exhibition. Registration is required.