Monday, March 15, 2021 to Friday, April 9, 2021

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2021 Submission Requirements

Submissions are no longer being accepted for this exhibition.

The CAC's Teen Board is seeking submissions for its 2021 Call to Teen Artists based in New Orleans! The deadline to submit works is Friday, April 9, 2021.

The CAC's upcoming teen exhibition ISOLATION / CONNECTION: Teen Life in the Time of COVID will address and express teen experience during the COVID pandemic, from social isolation, virtual education, wavering social connections, and losing the opportunities to celebrate traditional social milestones. The exhibition will be on view May 15 - September 26 2021 on the first floor of the CAC.

Submissions are no longer being accepted.

About the Exhibition

The CAC Teen Board aims for this multidisciplinary art exhibition to give voice to our peers, seeking their reflections and learn of their experiences during the COVID pandemic. Between the fluctuations in isolation, virtual education, wavering social connections, and having pivotal social milestones erased, we seek art that reflects upon the ways that teenagers have adapted.

How has the toll of these constant shifts to our environment, personal and global, affected the mental health of our teen community? Between the limiting physicality of isolation for social safety, connections made because of online communities, and relationships that suffered from the lack of in-person connectivity, we want the exhibition to represent how online and in-person community-building, or lack thereof, has affected teenagers’ ability to thrive. 

Above all, we seek to hear the voices of teens across New Orleans that speak to how they have faced these changes. The opportunities, social interactions, and milestones that connect us to previous generations have been and are being cancelled. These changes have only added to the adultification we face from our elders, as if to suggest that we are self-sufficient enough to have our troubles dismissed. Our voices need to be heard. 

The Teen Board wants to hear your voice! Help us understand what you have experienced, how you have dealt with the radical shifts to relationships in your life, and see what you have done artistically to combat loneliness and/or show the growth you’ve made in that isolation.

Questions for Reflection from the Teen Board

Reflect upon your new COVID-era social life:

How have you thrived or struggled?

How has the shifting school environment affected you? 

Has social distancing helped in some way, or have the effects been only negative? 

How did you cope with the back and forth shifting of normalcy?

About the CAC's Teen Board

The CAC's Teen Board engages New Orleans area high school students to serve on a museum board and participate in a series of professional development and skill workshops from top arts administration professionals in New Orleans and beyond. The board meets every other Saturday afternoon with other high school students from around the city to drive artistic content at the CAC and gain vauable arts administration experience alongside industry professionals, from the curation of exhibitions, to marketing, budgeting, and more. Putting these new skills to the test, the Teen Board curates an annual open call exhibition for teen artists, in addition to a host of public programming directed at teen audiences. Learn more at cacno.org/teenboard

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