Saturday, September 25, 2021 -
6:00pm to 9:00pm

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Admission is free with RSVP (capacity is limited).


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Join us for the Closing Reception of our 2021 "SOLOS" Exhibition at the CAC! Admission is free with RSVP required, as capacity is imited.


Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test is required for admission. Mask-wearing is required when not actively eating or drinking.

Exhibitions on View

"Finding Home Through Textiles"
by Keysha Rivera

"Finding Home Through Textiles" draws from memory, race, personal history, migration, and Puerto Rican cultural identity within the United States. Through photographs, installations, and videos, Finding Home Through Textiles constructs a visual story of a family legacy that is inherently anti-colonial by its existence. Extracting from her family's choice of documentation: photography, she connects the past and Puerto Rican futurism.

"Point Nemo Full of Mermaid Tears Hallowed Be thy Name"
by J Knoblach

How is time/
Who is space/
Why is the body//
Enjoy these masses/
Their volume near your own//
Consecrated waste/
Is the house of Muses drowning/
Who cares?//
Who sold us see-through/
But then blamed & said confess//
Use your nurdle rosary/
Blush away your blasphemy//
Point Nemo/
Is around the corner//
Primary colors/
Primary industries/
Petrochemical corridor//
Magdalene was crucified/
Jesus was tr*ns/
God swallowed the world//

by kai barrow

"More Yolks, Less Folks"
by Ellen Bull

"More Yolks, Less Folks" is a personal investigation of this past year and the witnessing of our communities and ourselves as finely interwoven tapestries, able to hold sadness, fear, relief, and grace simultaneously. Through mixed media instillations, textiles, and film, I have been exploring my sense of isolation, honoring the fragile space for holding hope, finding a sense of abundance despite scarcity fearmongering, and working to create joy where I can.


The CAC’s Artist Residencies are an annual, application-based program offering time, space, resources, and professional development opportunities for both visual and performing artists in New Orleans. Each spring, 7-8 artists and companies are selected to be in residence from June to August, culminating in "SOLOS," the CAC's month-long group visual art exhibition each fall. 

kai barrow

Ellen Bull

J Knoblach

Keysha Rivera

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