Saturday, March 25, 2017 -
2:00pm to 5:00pm

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Get Your Art On, an afternoon of art-making for military service members and veterans, their families, and the community at large is presented in conjunction with the upcoming performance of Goat in the Road’s Foreign to Myself, May 18–21, 2017.

The arts have the power to bring people together and provide an outlet for self-reflection and self-expression in fun and multi-faceted ways. Open to the public, with complimentary food and drink, and a host of activities for children, Get Your Art On is a collection of dynamic art-making workshops and creative experiences that will include:

Louisiana Prayer FlagsPorch Stories, an installation by artists Babette Beaullieu and Jan Gilbert, is an invitation to celebrate who we are in Louisiana today—a lively layering of many racial/cultural backgrounds—and to share this reflection in dialogue with a wider audience.

Playwriting Workshop with Staged Readings—Working with MFA Bryon Reiger of the University of New Orleans, participants will explore the opportunity that playwriting provides to express big ideas, big emotions, or simple, quiet moments. Participants will then see their work go from page to stage as scenes are brought to life by local, New Orleans actors.

Combat Paper—Through public workshops and home bunker studios, Combat Paper transforms military uniforms into handmade paper. For ten years a growing team of veterans have been learning and teaching the ancient handmade paper technique. This handmade paper creates a platform for veterans and non-veterans to come together and make art that communicates experiences and thoughts relating the the military and war.

Visual Arts Workshops—Expressive visual art-making: Whole Village Art Therapy is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing high-quality, community-based art therapy and mental health services to all. Art therapists will facilitate an art-making experience to support creative expression for adults, children, and families. No art experience is necessary. 


Foreign to Myself is the latest work from the critically-acclaimed New Orleans theater company, Goat in the Road Productions. Following research into the history and science of trauma, the company has created this richly-tapestried performance that explores the many ways victims remember how to navigate the world, and the inherent difficulties of recovery. In this visually stunning production, performers utilize historical accounts, personal interviews, scientific research, dark humor, immersive sound design, and precise physicality to explore an unsettlingly common occurrence.


Goat in the Road Productions is a New Orleans-based performance ensemble dedicated to the production of original and invigorating new works of theatre, dance, performance art, and educational programming.


The NOLA Veterans Arts and Humanities Alliance, created in the fall of 2016, brings together veterans, health care providers, artists, and other community members who believe in the power of the arts and humanities to promote healing and mutual understanding, with the goal of creating more opportunities for art-making and dialogue involving veterans and the larger community in New Orleans.

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