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Painter explores the illusive mystery of the process of making art.  From his studio on the Italian coast, the contemporary American painter Caio Fonseca conjures whimsically arresting works of abstract art. 

The film intimately captures the isolation, resolve, and playful curiosity required to create. Attempting to articulate his methods, Fonseca’s thoughts evolve into a meditation on painting, language, and meaning in art. Tracing the origins of his work, the painter reveals that his singular forms are not only summoned from the imagination, but also emerge from a rigorous studio practice and a personal lineage of painting. Through his humor and self-examination, Fonseca reminds us that the work of an artist is not simply a reflection of life, but the essence of life.


Michael Gregory is a non-fiction director who has produced numerous documentary films and commercial videos for a variety of platforms and outlets. Based in California, Gregory has worked throughout the United States, Europe, South America, and Antarctica, producing films on subjects ranging from the arts and architecture to nature and education. 

In 2012, Gregory released the feature documentary Painter on the contemporary abstract artist Caio Fonseca. Painter premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and was screened at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, and MASS MoCA in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Gregory helped produce Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Now Interviews in 2010 for the Venice Biennale, in which Obrist interviewed each participant of the Biennale for display in the exhibition. Additionally, he has worked closely with the Kayne Griffin Corcoran gallery in Los Angeles, producing short films examining the work of a series of artists and curators, including James Turrell, David Lynch, François Morrellet, Deanna Thompson, and Marc Olivier Wahler.

In 2013, the Hammer Museum of Art in Los Angeles commissioned Michael to direct and produce the feature length film Llyn Foulkes and the Machine as part of the museum’s retrospective on the eponymous LA artist and musician.     

Since 2014, Michael has been in production on Membra Disjecta, a feature length documentary on the Uruguay-American sculptor Gonzalo Fonseca (father of Caio Fonseca). The film traces Gonzalo Fonseca’s artistic journey across three continents, stitching together biographic accounts with his wide-ranging, atavistic perspective. Membra Disjecta is due to be released in 2016.    

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