Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 2:00pm

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Drawing parallels to Nufonia Must Fall—a story about a miniature robot puppet falling in love with a human—the CAC will screen Charlie Chaplin’s classic comedy, Modern Times.

The 1936 film showcases Charlie Chaplin’s last portrayal of the iconic Little Tramp as he bumbles through an unfeeling, industrialized world during the Great Depression. The Little Tramp punches in, and wigs out, inside a factory where gizmos like an employee-feeding machine may someday make the lunch hour last just 15 minutes. Bounced into the ranks of the unemployed, he teams with a street waif (Paulette Goddard) to pursue bliss and a paycheck, finding misadventures as a roller-skating night watchman, a singing waiter whose hilarious song is gibberish, a jailbird, and more. In the end, as Tramp and waif walk arm and arm into an insecure future, we know they’ve found neither bliss nor a paycheck, but, more importantly, each other.

1936, Charles Chaplin, USA, Black & White, Silent Film, 1hr 27 minutes

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