August 26, 2021

(New Orleans, LA - August 26, 2021): The Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans (CAC) announced the opening of “SOLOS,” an exhibition of new works by CAC visual artists-in-residence, on Friday, August 27, 2021 from 6 to 9pm in the CAC’s 2nd floor galleries. Featured exhibitions include “More Yolks Less Folks”  by Ellen Bull, a costume and scenic designer working in theatre and film;  “Debt.” by kai barrow, a visual and performance artist; “Finding Home Through Textiles” by Keysha Rivera, a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on textile work; and “Point Nemo Full of Mermaid Tears Hallowed Be thy Name” by J Knoblach, an artist whose combination of running cross country and track and studying feminist body art led to an interdisciplinary practice rooted in performance.

The new work created by the CAC’s 2021 performing artists-in-residence Jarrell Hamilton / De La SouL Dance Co., paris cyan cian, and Rebecca Elizabeth Hollingsworth will be presented virtually in the Fall of 2021.​ “SOLOS” will be on view through September 26, 2021. ​Opening​ Night​ is free ​with an ​​RSVP​. Patrons are invited to plan their visit and experience art safely at the CAC, masks and proof of vaccination or negative COVID test are required for admission to the CAC galleries and events. Louisiana residents may download and opt in to the LA Wallet App to show their vaccination status​.​Visit for gallery hours and to RSVP to the opening.

The CAC's Artist Residency program supports New Orleans performing and visual artists with  studio time, exhibition and performance opportunities, alongside technical and curatorial support for the development of new work. The program supports artist-led research that fosters the creation of new, interdisciplinary work. Patrons are invited to plan their visit and experience art safely at the CAC.

CAC Visual Artist-in-Residence Exhibitions

Artist: Keysha Rivera 

Exhibition: “Finding Home Through Textiles”

Description: “Finding Home Through Textiles” draws from memory, race, personal history, migration, and Puerto Rican cultural identity within the United States. Through photographs, installations, and videos, Finding Home Through Textiles constructs a visual story of a family legacy that is inherently anti-colonial by its existence. Extracting from her family's choice of documentation: photography, she connects the past and Puerto Rican futurism. 


Artist: J Knoblach

Exhibition Title: “Point Nemo Full of Mermaid Tears Hallowed Be thy Name” 

How is time/ 

Who is space/

Why is the body//


Enjoy these masses/

Their volume near your own//


Consecrated waste/



Is the house of Muses drowning/

Who cares?//


Who sold us see-through/

But then blamed & said confess//


Use your nurdle rosary/

Blush away your blasphemy//


Point Nemo/

Is around the corner//


Primary colors/

Primary industries/

Petrochemical corridor//




Magdalene was crucified/ 

Jesus was tr*ns/

God swallowed the world//


Artist: kai barrow 

Exhibition:  Debt.


Artist: Ellen Bull 

Title: More Yolks, Less Folks 

Description: More Yolks, Less Folks is a personal investigation of this past year and the witnessing of our communities and ourselves as finely interwoven tapestries, able to hold sadness, fear, relief, and grace simultaneously. Through mixed media installations, textiles, and film, I have been exploring my sense of isolation, honoring the fragile space for holding hope, finding a sense of abundance despite scarcity, fear mongering, and working to create joy where I can. 


CAC 2021 Performing Artist-In-Residence Showcases

Artist: Rebecca Elizabeth Hollingsworth

Title: And Come Round In Circle 

Description: And Come Round in Circle shares the unreliable story of Maggie Fox and her sisters, the three women heralded as the creators of Spiritualism and the seance. Using thorough historical research and actual seance magic, this memory play explores gaslighting, the consequences of repeating cycles learned in youth, and the haunting nature of trauma. 


Artist: Jarrell Hamilton / De La SouL Dance Co. 

Title: Watercolours

Description: Watercolours is an original dance-theatre work that echoes the musical vibrations of contemporary artists Nicholas Payton and Christian Scott, embellished with abstract narratives of water healing, New Orleans busking culture, ancestral memory, Hip Hop and Afro-futurism. Watercolours, choreographed by Hamilton, is inspired by sonic rituals of Afro-New Orleans and futuristic bodily translations. My curiosity dwells in the place called “there,” the future and the evolutionary state of our movement vernacular as multi-dimensional beings. Let’s stream. 


Artists: paris cyan cian 

Title: the Shore:in/SIGHT

Description:  “the Shore:in/SIGHT” is a multidisciplinary performance ritual, investigating the embodied activation of prayer within cosmic Blackness, dark space. Here in this space, Black and queer artists create portals, spaces of ceremony, celebration, prayer. We gather in darkness, to engage in storytelling about our Mutha’s, home, land, time, spatiality, and water - our beginnings and our changes.


About the CAC 

The CAC is a multidisciplinary arts center that is dedicated to the presentation, production,  and promotion of the art of our time. The CAC is a cultural leader. As such, it organizes,  presents, and tours curated exhibitions, performances and programs by local, regional,  national, and international artists. It demonstrates proactive local and regional leadership by  educating children and adults, cultivating and growing audiences, and initiating and  encouraging collaboration among diverse artists, institutions, communities, and supporters.  Museum admission is free on Sundays for Louisiana residents, courtesy of The Helis  Foundation. Children and students through Grade 12 and under receive free admission,  courtesy of The Helis Foundation. The CAC is located at 900 Camp Street, and can be reached by phone at 504 528-3805. For more information about CAC and to sign up for email updates, visit  


Media Contact: 

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Associate Director of Communications 

Contemporary Arts Center 

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