August 31, 2016
The Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans (CAC) is pleased to announce a new year of performing arts, a diverse offering—presented in celebration of the CAC’s 40th Anniversary Season—that treads the boundaries between diverse genres and disciplines.
“In the four decades since our founding, the CAC has become a place that boldly presents works by our vibrant artistic community— and their peers from across the world—in an iconic American city that is rapidly transforming. We dedicate our 40th Anniversary Season of Visual and Performing Arts to the interdisciplinary spirit of our founders.”
                                                    —Neil A. Barclay, CAC Director and CEO
Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans
Advance Tickets $35 General Admission | $25 CAC Members
Day of Show $40 General Admission | $30 CAC Members
Season Combo Pricing $100 Pick Three | $120 Pick Four | $140 Pick Five
Only available at the CAC Box Office
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Buy at CAC Box Office 504.528.3805
Clear & Sweet
zoe | juniper
World Premiere
September 22–24, 2016
A haunting performance that fuses dance and live vocals, Clear & Sweet integrates Sacred Harp Singing—a living form of spiritual a capella choral singing that is passed down over many generations. The artists will be in residence September 5–September 22 at the CAC.
The Lipstick
U.S. Premiere
September 30–October 1, 2016
Daring, discomfiting, and darkly hilarious, The Lipstick is a provocative dance performance that treads the fine line between what is sacred and what is profane, as New Orleans-based choreographer Meryl Murman reflects on her Arab ancestry and the complexities of a diasporic culture.
JUÁREZ: A Documentary Mythology
Theater Mitu
November18–19, 2016
A gritty performance that delves into economy-driven politics, government corruption, religious fervor, and the familial honor of the city’s past, JUÁREZ: A Documentary Mythology embodies the possibility of transformation for a once harried region into a bustling laboratory of the future.
Notes of a Native Song
Stew & Heidi
December 9–10, 2016
A genre-melding, blues-rock song cycle, Notes of a Native Song celebrates James Baldwin—a leading African American writer and activist of the mid-20th century—and demonstrates the often unspoken bond between contemporary artists and those who have gone before. In conjunction with the shows, the CAC will present a film-screening and an afterparty with music, cocktails, and food trucks.
Rashaad Newsome
January 20, 2017
New Orleans-born artist Rashaad Newsome returns for this interdisciplinary production. A genre-bending deconstruction of self-identity, Mélange features five dancers who represent the five elements of vogue femme. As each dancer takes the floor, a hip-hop M.C., an operatic vocalist, and local musicians improvise an interactive soundtrack that builds to a beautifully structured crescendo of sound and movement. In conjunction with the shows, the CAC will present a film-screening and an afterparty with music, cocktails, and food trucks.
Nufonia Must Fall
Kid Koala
April 14–15, 2017
Known primarily from his work with Gorillaz, DJ, musician, and graphic novelist Kid Koala captures the sounds of affection, loneliness, and hope in this tender love story about a tone-deaf robot by mixing puppet theater, video, electronic instrumentation, and a string quartet to evoke the collective experience of feeling, in which emotion is both personal and universal. In conjunction with the shows, the CAC will present a film-screening and an afterparty with music, cocktails, and food trucks.
Foreign to Myself
Goat in the Road Productions
May 18–21, 2017
In this visually stunning production, performers utilize historical accounts, personal interviews, scientific research, dark humor, immersive sound design, and precise physicality to explore an unsettlingly common occurrence—the myriad ways through which trauma victims remember how to navigate the world, and the inherent difficulties of their recovery.


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