Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 8:00pm
Saturday, December 14, 2013 - 7:30pm


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Anton, Neko, Kuri was originally created by Faifai´s director Chiharu Shinoda in April 2009, during a performance series at Komaba Agora Theater in Tokyo. The story is based on autobiographical experiences and follows Anton, a stray cat suffering from leukemia, while documenting events and conversations in its neighborhood.

In 2010, Anton, Neko, Kuri was re-mixed in collaboration with composer Yasuno Taro, to create a synthesis between Faifai´s signature style — pop visuals and graffiti-like body movements — and Yasuno´s unique approach to polyphonic soundscapes. In this work, words and sentences spoken by the performers are cut up, sampled and turned into music. In 2012, English subtitles were added using a new device provided by game designer Ito Gabin. As the work experiments with language in various ways, the subtitles are and integral element of the visual concept.  The "Main Performance" of Anton, Neko, Kuri is followed by a “Commented Performance" where artists from various fields are invited to host a talk session while the audience interacts with the play by temporarily freezing, rewinding or fast-forwarding the events on stage.

Marking their first ever visit to New Orleans, the ensemble will spend one week in a residency to include public performances and other activities in local communities ranging from workshops with children to lecture/demonstrations and workshops for artists.


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