Saturday, November 23, 2013 to Sunday, December 15, 2013

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The Great Picture memorializes a moment of radical change in photography. The image is a final marker at the end of 170 years of film/chemistry-based photography and the commencement of digital dominance. The photograph was made using an abandoned fighter jet aircraft hangar in Southern California transformed into a gigantic camera obscura—the world’s largest camera.

The Great Picture is the largest photograph ever made, but its meaning and import reaches far beyond size. The camera obscura technology and the hand-applied photosensitive emulsion bring The Great Picture full-circle back to photography’s origins. The scale of the undertaking and the image reinforce The Great Picture’s position as a marker of the border crossing as photography moves out of film and into pixels. It's an extremely analog photograph, handmade in all respects, but within minutes of completion, extensive press coverage transmitted digital versions of the image across the world. “It’s a negative from the very beginning of photography and a digital positive. It’s the bracket. On one side, the infancy of photography and on the other, the technology revolution,” summarizes Carol McCusker of the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego.

The Great Picture will be on view during gallery hours (11am to 5pm) on the following dates:

Saturday, November 23
Sunday, November 24
Monday, November 25
Wednesday, November 27
Saturday, November 30
Sunday, December 1
Saturday, December 7
Sunday, December 8
Monday, December 9
Wednesday, December 11 during PhotoNOLA
Thursday, December 12 during PhotoNOLA
Friday, December 13 during PhotoNOLA
Saturday, December 14 during PhotoNOLA
Sunday, December 15 during PhotoNOLA

*The Saturday, December 7th public viewing will be limited during the performances of Pavement.

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