The CAC is excited to present Behind the Curtain: Inside the Design of Sound, Light, and Sets, a series of conversations delving into the incredible behind-the-scenes artistry that makes incredible performances possible at the CAC.

Behind the Curtain: Designing KindHumanKind

Aurora Nealand and Goat in the Road's KindHumanKind premiered at the CAC in March 2019, running for three sold-out, unforgettable performances. In April 2020, the work was scheduled to return to the CAC before COVID-19 cancelled our spring performing arts season. In lieu of bringing you the live performances, we are excited to present Behind The Curtain: Designing KindHumanKind, a multi-part interview series featuring interviews between CAC staff members and the designers and directors of KindHumanKind to provide exciting insight into their creative processes.

Explore Behind the Curtain: Designing KindHumanKind:

Part I with Set Designer Jebney Lewis

Part II with Projection Designer Kourtney Keller

Part III with Lighting Designer Josh Courtney

Part IV with Goat in the Road Co-Artistic Directors Shannon Flaherty and Chris Kaminstein

Part V with Co-Artistic Director Auora Nealand


About KindHumanKind

KindHumanKind was created by composer Aurora Nealand in collaboration with Chris Kamenstein and Shannon Flaherty, co-Artistic Directors of Goat in the Road Productions. The work was also created in collaboration with fellow cast members free feral, Tiffany Lampson, and Alexis Marceaux. The work featured projections by Kourtney Keller, lighting by Josh Courtney, costumes by Kiyoko McCrae, projection mapping by Dan Pruksarnukul, and an ingenious set that absorbed and refracted all these designs by set designer Jebney Lewis. Learn more about KindHumanKind at

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