David Robinson-Morris, Ph.D. is a scholar, author, philosopher, social justice and human rights advocate-activist, educator, philanthropist, community organizer, DEI practitioner, and administrator.

'We' oriented to his core, David believes that our goal in this life is wholeness and a true recognition that we are always ready and forever a multiplicity of one masquerading as different to help us understand our sameness––our connected becoming. 

David's research utilizes non-Western philosophies and spiritualties––Ubuntu and socially engaged Buddhism––to explore understandings of humanness, being, subjectivity, and the hope of education toward a deepening of our shared humanity.

Professionally, he currently serves as the Regional Director, Diversity and Inclusion at Ochsner Health System for the Bayou Region of Louisiana. David is the Founding Director of The Center for Equity, Justice, and the Human Spirit at Xavier University of Louisiana, former Assistant Professor in the Division of Education and Counseling, and served as Xavier's Assistant Vice President of Development. 

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