Saturday, June 22, 2019 - 8:30pm

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Saturday, June 22 @ 8:30 pm



The Human Shelter

Architecture & Design Film Festival: NOLA

Program #1


The Human Shelter

Director: Boris Benjamin Bertram
2018 / 58 min / Denmark

The documentary The Human Shelter is an anthropological and poetic journey, which investigates how we, as human beings, create our homes. In a sentient and playful way, the film explores our idea of the concept of ‘home’. During the film we travel to some of the world’s extremities concerning climate change, growing megacities and conflict zones. Those exact places where we, as humans, are challenged in the world right now. Here, the film glimpses at people’s ability to live and express themselves poetically when creating a home. No matter if you live in a lagoon settlement in Lagos, in a refugee camp in Iraq or in six square metres dwelling in Tokyo.


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