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Teen Board: Year-Round

Have you and your friends ever wanted to take over an arts center just to see and make art? 

Have you ever dreamed of publishing a magazine or curating an exhibition?

Have you ever wanted to take classes in filmmaking, graphic design, slam poetry, or curation? 

Well this is your chance with the Teen Board at the Contemporary Arts Center!

As a member of the CAC Teen Board, you will meet twice a month with other high-schoolers from around the city to create the arts programming you want. You will have an insider look at how an arts center is run and have the power to make it your own. 

In return, you will meet and work with professional artists and curators, gain real life experience in marketing, budgeting, graphic design, and curation. Participation in Teen Board counts toward volunteer hours and is a great program to have on your resume for college.

Teen Zine & Teen Art Exhibition

The Teen Board puts out an open call to all high school students in New Orleans for submissions in creative writing, non-fiction writing, photography, visual art, and anything else that can be printed on the page! Teen Board then selects which pieces to include in the zine and designs, illustrates, lays out, and prints their annual issue of the Teen Zine.
  • 9–12 Grade
  • FREE
  • Meets 1–2 times montly
Submissions Due March 17, 2017.
The Teen Board sends out an open call for submissions, selects the final artworks and works with a professional curator to lay out and install their show.
  • 9–12 Grade
  • FREE
  • Meets 1–2 times monthly
An opening reception will be held on April 21, 2017 to celebrate both the visual art exhibition and the launching of Third Eye.
Submissions Due March 17, 2017.
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