April 6, 2017


Five Artists + Five Slides + Five Minutes + $5,000 Prize


ArtPrize is teaming up with the the Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans to host Pitch Night on June 5, 2017—a one-night event where an artist will leave with a $5,000 grant to create an ambitious installation at a centrally located ArtPrize Venue during the ninth annual event this fall. Application Deadline: April 26, 2017

Louisiana artists are invited to submit proposals for an installation at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA), in the heart of the ArtPrize district. Five artists will be selected to give a five-minute presentation at the Pitch Night New Orleans event, using five slides each. A panel of five expert judges (to be announced soon) and the audience will be able to ask questions of the artists following the presentations. The panel will select the winner, awarding the winning artist a $5,000 grant to realize their proposal at UICA during ArtPrize Nine, September 20–October 8, 2017.

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Between now and April 26, Louisiana artists must submit a proposal (maximum 500 words), an artist CV, and up to five images, all by email to pitchnight@artprize.org. Give us an idea of what you'd present at Pitch Night, and how you would like to activate one of the galleries in the UICA.

Who can apply?

ArtPrize is open to any artist, but Pitch Night New Orleans is only for artists currently living in Louisiana. All ArtPrize eligibility rules apply. Artists must be 18, and collaborative groups are welcome. There are more eligibility requirements listed here and in the Artist Rules.

How can artists activate the UICA galleries? How crazy can it get?

Pretty crazy, but there are limits. Part of the process of selecting which five artists get to pitch their proposals will include a review by the managers of the UICA to ensure there are no red flags. For more information about the space and what's allowed, see UICA information below.

What should a pitch presentation include?

If you're one of the five artists selected to present, you'll have five minutes and five slides—the details are up to you. Be entertaining and informative. Be prepared to answer questions from the judges and the audience. Above all, you'll need to convince the judges that your project is the best, and that the $5,000 grant will help make it possible.

What happens if my pitch wins?

Several things. One, we'll register you as an artist on ArtPrize.org at no cost (normally registering as an artist costs $50). We'll connect you with the UICA because every artist in ArtPrize must be officially connected to a venue on ArtPrize.org. We'll give you the $5,000 as a lump sum. It's up to you how you use those funds to install the artwork (materials, shipping, travel, etc.). You'll then work with an installation coordinator to work out the details of installing the work before ArtPrize begins on September 20.


Artists proposing projects must decide between two spaces within the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA), the “Ramp Project Space” or the “Race Street Gallery.” The Ramp Project Space is a large wall next to a gradual pedestrian ramp. On the opposite side of the ramp are large windows that face the street. Race Street Gallery is a ground floor gallery with track lighting and three walls. The Race Street Gallery has approximately 990 square feet of floor space, the Ramp Project Space can only accommodate installations that hang on the wall, that wall space is approximately 2,000 square feet. The South Wall is located on the lower level of the UICA, near the theatre. The space has approximately 400 square feet of wall space available for installations. This space is viewable from the lower level and the first floor. Suspension points are located in the ceiling.

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Installation will occur between August 11–September 1, 2017.  De-install will occur between December 11–18, 2017.

The hours of the venue during ArtPrize Nine (September 2–October 8, 2017) will be:

Monday–Thursday: 5–8pm
Friday & Saturday: Noon–8pm
Sunday: Noon–6pm

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