When do these new prices go into effect?

The new membership prices go into effect on August 1, 2017, and will appear on all renewal statements, the CAC website, and all other sales channels beginning on that date.

Are membership benefits being reduced?

No. In fact, we have recently added several new benefits: free guest passes; members-only curatorial walkthroughs; a quarterly CAC members-only digital newsletter; and more.

Can I renew my membership at my current rate before the prices change? Can I give a gift at the current rate?

Yes. Before the prices change, you may renew, upgrade, or gift a membership at the current rate for one year.

Where can I renew my membership at the current rates?

Through July 31, 2017, you may renew at the current rates for one year online, by calling the CAC at 504.528.3805, or in person at the CAC Front Desk.

What if I just renewed my membership?

Even if you have recently joined or renewed your membership, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of that membership level for a full year from the date of your renewal. You can still take advantage of this special offer to lock in your current rate for an additional year.

What if I am a member at a level that’s being phased out (Friend and Center Stage level)?

You will continue to receive the full membership benefits at your level until your membership expiration date. You may renew or upgrade your membership at any level to enjoy the lock-in rate until July 31, 2017.

If I renew my membership early, what will my new expiration date be?

If you are a current member and renew your membership early, your new membership expiration date will simply be an additional year from your current expiration date. If your membership has lapsed, your expiration date will be one year from the month in which you renew your membership.

Can I renew my membership in a different category before the membership prices change?

Yes. Before the new prices go into effect, all our members have the opportunity to renew, upgrade, or gift a membership at any level at the current rate for one year.

Why is the CAC changing membership levels and prices?

The CAC is committed to keeping membership affordable for all. For many years, we have chosen not to raise membership rates even as the costs associated with fulfilling membership benefits have increased. The membership level and price adjustments will allow us to continue to improve your membership experience and sustain the bold contemporary art presentations, public programs, and educational offerings integral to the CAC’s mission.