The Contemporary Arts Center’s 2017-18 Silver Circle Artwork, is created by Manon Bellet, exclusively for upper-level CAC Members.

The olfactory work L’O Perdue is a limited scent edition made in New Orleans and Switzerland with the collaboration of Andreas Wilhelm Perfumer.

Manon Bellet is a French visual artist born in 1979, currently living and working in New Orleans. Over the last 10 years, Bellet has lived between Berlin, DE, and Basel, CH, where she was able to develop her artistic practice and exhibit in many international art institutions, fairs, and galleries in Europe, as well as participate in residency programs in Europe.

Bellet has a strong teaching background, giving workshops in various schools and art academies. As an artist with an outside perspective and European background, she finds it stimulating to work in an environment that broadens her own practice and inspires projects that are directly related to the city and its specific geographical and environmental contexts. Manon Bellet, observes rather than controls. The process in the creation of a work is more important to her than its irreversible completion, its shape potentially modified or influenced by the exhibition venue or the visitors.

For Bellet, serendipity is the most relevant of all creative processes. In addition, a certain humility informs her choice of materials. Simple and unsophisticated, these materials possess an expressive power that is tapped by the artist in forging her work. Deliberately ‘antiform’, Bellet’s work emerges as much from the environment as it does from the artist herself; it is a field for exploring the mysteries of memory and the vestiges of the present.


Join the CAC at these membership levels to receive the limited edition Silver Circle artwork:

Silver Circle..............................$1,000
President’s Council..................$5,000

Manon Bellet joins previous Silver Circle artists Marianne Desmarais; Brian St. Cyr; Dawn DeDeaux; Jeff Becker; Jennifer Odem; John T. Scott (posthumous); Generic Art Solutions (G.A.S.); John Barnes, Jr.; Srdjan Loncar; Elizabeth Shannon; Stephen Paul Day; MaPo Kinnord-Payton; Mary Jane Parker; Martin Payton; Jeffrey Cook; Allison Stewart; Clifton Webb; Mitchell Gaudet; George Dunbar; Gene Koss; Winifred Ross; Christopher Maier; Arthur Silverman; Bernard Mattox; John T. Scott; Mignon Faget; and Lin Emery.